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1. Once the footwear is received, the customer can change the clothes only in the following cases: (i) the size is different to the one requested or the measurements do not correspond to those indicated in the virtual point; (ii) the color and / or design does not correspond to the one requested; (iii) the footwear is defective and / or presents damages for reasons beyond the control of the customer.

2. The maximum period for requesting SPARTA SHOES SAS the change for the reasons mentioned above is ten (10) business days, after delivery.

3. To make the change, the shoes must not have been worn or damaged. SPARTA SHOES SAS can not accept changes or returns of used or damaged footwear.


4. If the purchased footwear presents any quality problem, and the customer has complied with all the recommendations for care and washing and is during the aforementioned period, you can request SPARTA SHOES SAS the guarantee. For this, SPARTA SHOES SAS and the client must proceed under the terms of Law 1480 of 2011 Consumer Protection Statute and Decree 735 of 2013, with the exception of the refund of money.

5. For the return process in the cases mentioned: (i) SPARTA SHOES SAS will pick up the shoes in the place where they were delivered to the customer; (ii) SPARTA SHOES SAS will provide the means for the customer to send the shoes by mail through a courier company located in the city or municipality where the customer resides. In the latter case, the shipping cost will be assumed by SPARTA SHOES SAS.


6. SPARTA SHOES SAS will analyze the condition of the footwear and respond to the guarantee request within fifteen (15) business days following its presentation, in which SPARTA SHOES SAS will make the changes or adjustments of the clothing, as appropriate.


7. If the request has been denied, SPARTA SHOES SAS will return the footwear to the customer at the place where it was delivered or send the footwear by mail. / 8. The shipping cost will be assumed by SPARTA SHOES SAS


8. The shipping cost will be assumed by SPARTA SHOES SAS

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