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Purchases at, are simple and safe. The steps below will help you resolve any concerns during the purchase. And remember we have a customer service center to clear any doubts.


  1. To start the purchase you may or may not be registered on the page, this will allow when you return you can buy faster or even before any inconvenience your identification and solution is sooner.

  2. Select the product with the help of the portal filters

  3. When you have selected the product of your interest you can examine its different angles with the photos and know available sizes and colors.

  4. Add it to your shopping bag in "ADD TO CART" and add all the products you want.

  5. After selecting the products, check that the quantity is the one you request, as well as the description and price of the product. If you have the code of a coupon enter it in the lower left.

  6. Click on the next step where you will find the different payment methods, select the one of your convenience.

  7. Once the payment is made, through your email you will receive the confirmation of the purchase, with the corresponding invoice numbers and order form, and shipping guide.

  8. Before 5 business days you will receive the items purchased.

Cancellation of your order


/ If you want to cancel your order when making your purchase for any reason you should contact our customer service line: 2782458 in Bogotá

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